Increasingly more importance is nowadays given in the appearance of the external genitalia, in both sexes.

The procedures most commonly sought by women are labiaplasty (labia minor and majora), mons pubis reduction and clitoral enhancement.

These are simple surgeries, with a short recovery time and minimal discomfort.


Labiaplasty (labia minora)

Disproportionate enlargement of the labia minora (small vulval lips) can be genetic, or a result of childbirth, age and other factors. This is often not just an aesthetic issue but can cause a lot of physical discomfort and result in a lot of distress for the patient. As such, this procedure is often covered by health insurance.

Typically, patients present with labia minora that are disproportionately enlarged and protrude between the labia major. They usually complain of pain, altered sensation, inability to engage in sexual activity and social embarrassment affecting their everyday life.

Reduction and reshaping of the area can permanently relieve these symptoms.


Labiaplasty (labia majora)

With increasing age, loss of volume in the area can result in an "empty" appearance and apparent excessive skin.

Replacing any lost volume with injections of hyaluronic acid or fat can significantly improve appearances. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and does not require hospital stay.


Mons Pubis Reduction

Excessive fat tissue can be stored in this area with increasing age, and this can be amenable to lipoaspiration/ liposculpture. This procedure is performed as a day case (does not require hospital stay).


*** This is not an exhaustive list of procedures performed in this area. Every patient is very individual. Please do not hesitate to ask your surgeon for details.