Hand surgery is one of the many subspecialties of plastic surgery and quite a fascinating one. As a british-trained plastic surgeon, Dr Laina has gained broad experience in the management of conditions affecting the hand, both elective and trauma.

Common conditions affecting the hand which can be treated by a plastic surgeon are:

  • Nerve compression syndromes: upper limb nerves can be compressed at the level of the spine, of the elbow or of the wrist, causing a number of symptoms such as numbness, heaviness, dropping of objects, loss of sensation and pain. Depending on the nerve(s) affected and the level where the compression occurs, surgery can stop deterioration and improve symptoms. Common nerve compression syndromes are the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis elbow, etc.
  • Soft tissue problems: Dupuytren's disease, ganglia, cysts
  • Tendon problems
  • Joint problems : arthritis of the thumb and other small joints of the hand
  • Hand trauma : tendon lacerations, nerve lacerations, bone fractures, burns, foreign bodies

Paediatric Hand surgery

Dr Laina has worked as the Congenital Hand Surgery fellow in Birmingham Childrens Hospital, one of the busiest pediatric hospitals in the UK, for two years. This is a tertiary referral center for pediatric hand conditions.

Paediatric hand surgery cases can be isolated or present as part of a constellation of other characteristics (syndromes). Each patient is very individual both in terms of presentation and needs and this makes those cases very challenging and rewarding.