Our skin is naturally soft and plump due to its constituents, the most important of which is water. Maintaining a well hydrated skin is serious business, especially amongst those of us who lead hectic lives. Stress, dehydration, smoking, pollution, sun exposure, age, poor dietary habits and many other factors can leave our skin looking dull and dry.

In order to look after our skin properly, we therefore need to start at the basics: skin hydration.

The idea is to give our skin a boost by providing an extra helping of essential molecules and factors, which are important in maintaining skin hydration. But getting those into the skin can be tricky business.

One of the functions of our skin is to act as a barrier to anything trying to penetrate its shell, coming from the outside. This is why even the most expensive cream, will only penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis and its effect will probably last a day or two, before those skin layers are naturally shed away, and its effect lost forever.

The most effective way to boost skin hydration is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a technique where, via a very fine needle, a cocktail consisting of vitamins, hydrating molecules and firming factors is injected under the skin and that way allows us to achieve hydration of the whole thickness of skin, coming from within.

The effects of a mesotherapy course can last a few weeks and are the equivalent of a very effective skin hydration treatment, giving extra glow and plumpness to your skin.